Camping in the Winter: What is Hot Tent Camping?

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Are you thinking of going camping any time soon?

Camping is a great way for people to reconnect with nature and what it has to offer. Everything from the simple quiet which gives way to the sounds of the outdoors, to the breathtaking star-lit sky and landscapes like that of the various places in Canada can lift any camper’s spirituality.

However, some dislike the idea of toughing it out in the cold. Often, they need to ease themselves into the cold camping lifestyle. This is where hot tent camping steps in and provides a nice transition for them.

What’s hot camping, you ask?

It’s one of the latest trends today which brings people closer to nature while preventing their experience from being a cold one.

Need more information about this? Read what’s below to understand the trend and how you can be a part of it.

What is Hot Tent Camping?

Hot tent camping is a form of luxury camping which is trending as of late. This trend revolves around having a primary heating source inside your tent – a perfect way to heat a tent. This provides the “hot” part of this trending camping style.

Often, these heat sources come from stoves inside the tent and not from campfires. This is because using a traditional campfire is dangerous as it may set the tent on fire from the inside. This can lead to a different kind of hot when you’re out camping.

Also known as winter camping, this trend also has different requirements compared to traditional camping. For example, the usual polyester camping tents don’t have a place here. This is because they can melt from the heat inside the tent.

Instead, you’re either taking advantage of a canvas tent or using surrounding trees as your tent frame. Tents that use trees as the frame are often made from nylon. Nylon helps prevent the heat from escaping the inside of the tent.

These are what makes winter camping a different experience from regular camping.

Why Should You Choose to Camp Like This?

Despite the hype this trend is bringing, some people still question the entire thing. For the most part, they’re unsure of why they should go for this style of camping in the first place. This is what stops most people from partaking in hot tent winter camping. Although those that live in a tent understand the benefits.

The main reason you should consider this is because there are amazing camping spots which have a lot of features during the night time. For example, Olympic National Park in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula has an attractive night’s sky. The catch is that the nights there tend to plummet to frigid temperatures.

Winter camping allows you to keep yourself warm as you wait for the main attraction of your trip to come along. This also serves as a great way to keep warm during pit stops on a long hike. One such example is the hike to one of the peaks of Mount Kenya.

Because of the hot weather in Kenya, people often don’t expect the nights to be as cold as they are. With temperatures reaching –5 degrees Celsius at night, you’ll be glad to be in a warm winter tent for the hike.

Advantages of Hot Tenting

If you still need some convincing on why you should consider this camping trend, here are a few reasons for you.

1. You Never Have to Worry About Hypothermia

A large majority of campers often have to cut their trip short at times. For the most part, this is because they become victims of hypothermia. You can chalk this up to under preparation but even the most prepared campers may fall victim to this.

Often, the cold enters tents through the smallest of tears and sucks out the heat in a regular tent. When you produce a constant supply of heat though, this becomes a non-existent issue.

2. You Carry Less Equipment Throughout Your Trip

Often, camping requires you to lug around a lot of stuff. You need to bring along your tent, sleeping bag, extra clothes in case you get wet, and other essential items. These are all easy enough to carry but if you add a heater and a stove to the equation, it becomes cumbersome to carry around.

When your heat source and your stoves are the same though, this relieves some of the trouble of your situation.

3. More Family Fun Time

A great aspect of winter camping is that it’s at its best when you share the tent with others. The main point of winter camping is to have enough heat to make cold nights bearable. Since people generate their heat, this makes the experience better for everyone.

The temperature also has a way to get people to socialize. You’ll always find a good reason to strike up a conversation with the people you’re sharing a tent with. This is great to make up for the family time you and your family have put on hold for the longest time.

What You Need to Ensure Your Camping Trip is Successful

By now, winter camping should sound like something you want to take part in. Before you set any schedules though, you should make a checklist of what to do first. Do this to ensure your trip will be a fun and memorable one.

The first thing you’ll need to cross out of your list is a floor cover. Winter camping often means your floor is what nature provides you with. Bringing anything to cover the ground with is a small change but it makes the overall experience nicer for everyone.

You should also bring a small shovel to help even out the ground you’ll be staying on. There may be lumps of dirt or snow that you’ll want to go when you find a spot to settle on.

Thick gloves are items people tend to forget to bring. Without these, you may find it difficult to handle your heat source in any way. This can lead to things like overcooked food and higher than intended temperatures.

Last but not least, you should consider bringing a small axe with you. This is a handy tool to fulfill any need which may come up. You can also chop wood for fire with this tool.

Stave Off the Cold by Being in a Hot Tent Now

Right now, hot tent camping is a rising trend and is sure to get more people involved. Be among the first and experience peaceful winter camping today!

What are you waiting for? Get camping now!

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