Choose the Right Camping Stove and Eat Like a King

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Having the right camping gear is essential for a great camping adventure. And that includes the right camping stove.

After hiking the trails and enjoying time with friends or family, you will be ready for a delicious hot meal and a decent cup of coffee the next morning.

Having old or faulty cooking equipment can put a real damper on your camping trip and leave you eating a can of cold beans. Yuk.

So, with so many camping stove options out there, how do you know which one is best for your needs? There are several things you should consider before choosing a stove for your camping adventures. Let’s take a look.

How to Choose the Perfect Camping Stove

Campers were cooking over an open flame long before camping stoves were ever invented. So it’s good to remember that whatever stove you choose is an upgrade over a pointed stick with a hot dog or marshmallow on the tip.

Today’s camping stoves are more high tech and efficient than ever before.This allows you to cook a fabulous meal no matter where you are camping.

Avid campers and backpackers love a camping stove that can be put up and taken down easily. And the modern stoves have more than one function. Boiling isn’t the only option anymore.

Consider this. There really isn’t one best or perfect camping stove.

Instead, it’s what is best for your particular needs. Think about what you plan to use your camping stove for.

I Just Want Coffee

If you plan on roughing it and getting your fuel from protein bars and beef jerky, then a compact integrated system could be perfect for you. If you don’t want to deal with any bulk and want to keep it simple, this is for you.

I Plan to Rehydrate Food

An integrated system is also best if your plan is to heat up or rehydrate meals in small containers.

This is a popular choice for avid hikers and backpackers. If you are planning a short trip, this may be for you.

I Want to Prepare Simple Meals

A camping stove with one or two burners is perfect for cooking simple meals. You would be surprised that you can feed several people with a stove this size.

You can make scrambled eggs and pancakes, a pot of chili or stew, or just about anything you could cook on your stove at home.

I Need to Feed a Group of Hungry Campers

For a large group, multiple burners or a grill are a definite plus. With this option, you can choose your fuel too.

Multiple burners give you the option of cooking a great meal and cooking or warming several things at once. Cooking options are endless, and you can make the whole group happy with a great meal at the end of a fun but tiring day.

I Want to Eat Like a King

If you’re a true foodie, and that fact doesn’t change even on a camping trip, you want a stove that has all the bells and whistles. Multiple burners and multiple functions are for you.

Liquid fuel stoves allow you to do more than just boil your food. You can adjust the heat source to simmer, fry, and cook to your heart’s content.

Consider the Season

When you will camp is also a consideration. Using a propane and butane blend for fuel is fine for most temperatures.

But if you are camping in very cold weather, this probably isn’t the best option.

Liquid fuel allows the flame to burn evenly even in bitterly cold conditions. A reliable flame is something you will want on a very cold night when you are wishing for hot cocoa.

Consider the Location

This really relates to when you are camping as well. If you will be at a high altitude in the snowy mountains or harsh conditions, you will want to use liquid fuel or an inverted canister system.

But the temperature where you will be camping is really more important than the altitude. If you will be exploring and camping outside of the US, you will want to choose a multi-fuel camping stove.

Some countries may not have propane and butane canisters you can purchase. If diesel is the only choice available, you will be glad you chose a multi-fuel option.

Maintenance Concerns

Generally, a canister camping stove is low-maintenance. You will have to clean it to maintain its function.

Inspecting it regularly is a good idea, so you don’t discover a problem when you need the stove to work.

Liquid fuel camping stoves do need a little extra maintenance. Old fuel can build up and block the heating mechanism, so regular cleaning is essential.

This is even more important if you have a multi-fuel stove. To keep the stove functioning well and to avoid a potentially dangerous situation with clogged residue, cleaning and replacing faulty parts is essential.

How Much Should I Spend

This is a common question in reference to camping stoves, but it’s also one that only you can answer. There are many quality camping stoves available that are also very affordable.

There are also some very expensive models that you may or may not really need. A basic stove that fits into your budget can be expanded with additional features over time.

But you will have to weigh what you want with how much you are willing to spend.

Do Your Research

Once you determine what kind of stove you want and what kind of fuel you will need, you are ready to research various models and brands of camping stoves. You can also read online reviews from campers who may have similar needs.

If you have a friend who is a regular hiker or camper, you should ask their opinion. The more information you have, the more informed your decision will be.

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