Best 12 Person Tent For Camping As A Family or in Groups

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12 person tents are essential for anyone looking to camp in large groups. It’s often a lot easier and more convenient to get one big tent for the great outdoors instead of multiple small ones. Combine with a privacy shelter for showering or changing and you have a great home from home for a large mixed group.

Are these really tents for 12 persons?

Tent sizing can be quite contentious. In simple terms, a ‘person’ or a ‘man’ is the space an average human takes up laid flat on their back in a sleeping bag. See the example image below.

Example of tent person sizing

So while you can fit 12 persons in the tents reviewed below it will be like sardines. If you do sleep 12 don’t think that will necessarily be a pleasant experience. When choosing a tent always go upwards of what you need, that way you’ll have room for gear and have a more comfortable experience.

With that being said, what is the best 12 person tent for camping? Are there particular brands to avoid and things to look for? To help you make a more informed and confident purchase, we’ve reviewed 4 capable options for you to take a look at.

Don’t want to read the full reviews? The table below reveals the best 12 person camping tent.

12 Person Tent Comparison Table

ProductWeightBase SizeTypeRatingPrice
Eureka Copper Canyon38.12 lbs14' x 12'Cabin3.0/5.0CHECK PRICE
Tahoe Gear Prescott31.6 lbs20' x 10'Dome4.0/5.0CHECK PRICE
NTK Super Arizona GT Tent39.77 lbs10.2' x 20.6'Dome4.5/5.0CHECK PRICE
Core50.8 lbs18’ x 10’Cabin3.5/5.0CHECK PRICE
Ozark Trail Base Camp50.1 lbs16’ x 16’Dome2.5/5.0CHECK PRICE


1. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Tent – A good brand but an awning would been nice

ProductEureka Copper Canyon
Sleeps12 persons officially
6-7 in comfort with gear
Total Setup Time12 minutes
Shelter Material75D 190T StormShield® Polyester Taffeta 1200mm
PolesSteel/Fiber glass
Base Size14 x 12 ft
Rain FlyHalf

The Eureka Copper Canyon 12 person tent provides you with 168 square feet of sleeping space. It sits at 7 feet high, providing enough room to walk around in. There are two large D-style doors complete with half windows on the sides that offer various entry and exit points. This tent also has a removable divider inside that allows you to separate it into two different rooms for more privacy.

Great Setup Time For Such A Large Tent

When you take a look at this tent, you realize there’s a lot about it that’s very good. For starters, the setup time is relatively quick and painless. In reality, it takes as little as 12 minutes to set up with only two people, not bad for such a large tent. This is the type of setup time you expect from smaller tents, let alone one that claims to accommodate 12 people.

Speaking about the accommodation size, everyone that’s bought this tent raves about how big it is and we’re no different! One Amazon customer wrote that they had plenty of space for indoor games even with two queen size air mattresses. There’s also plenty of storage space inside for camping gear too, with most of this coming from above.

No Major Problems With Waterproofing

Talking about things coming from above, what about rain and water resistance? No one seems to have any trouble with this 12 person tent during downpours, which is another good thing. It even comes with a rain fly to help protect the top of the tent.

The main issue people we have with this tent is the lack of awning around the entrance. This means you can’t store muddy shoes outside and keep them dry. You’ll need to go out and buy a separate awning. Also, some reviewers said they needed to buy a ground mat because the floor can sometimes get a bit wet due to all the excessive pressure on it.

In terms of value, the Eureka is significantly more expensive than all other tents on our list. You are purchasing a product from an established and trustworthy brand name though.

One final criticism is the weight needing a couple of people to transport it. Not a major issue since this tent is for car camping.


  • Fantastic size, both in floor space and height
  • Water-resistant and comes with a rain fly
  • Removable partition to allow either one or two rooms
  • Plenty of internal storage in the roof area
  • Two doors, meaning it’s easy to get everyone in and out at once
  • Quick set up with two people


  • Relatively expensive compared to what else is out there
  • No awning on the outside
  • Flooring requires a ground mat underneath
  • Fairly heavy and needs two people to carry it


If you’re looking for a 12 person tent that really does provide enough room for 12 people, then the Eureka is a great choice. Of course, it will be more comfortable for a smaller group especially if you’re taking air mattresses to sleep on.

It offers a lot and it is easy for you to set up and pack away. However, is it great value for money considering the price? Perhaps additional features like an awning and ground mat would help make this a more attractive proposition.


2. Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Tent – Comes a close second overall


This 12 person cabin tent from Tahoe Gear sits tall at 6ft 6 inches high in the center. This provides plenty of room for most campers to stand up and walk around inside. The tent body boasts exceptional water resistance and is made out of a very durable 190T polyester. This makes the material very lightweight, ensuring the tent is perfect for spring, summer, and a rainy fall.

This is One Roomy Tent

The standout feature of this tent is the amount of floor space you have inside. You can comfortably fit three decent-sized mattresses in and still have a bit of room for storage. Looking at the height, the average person will have no trouble walking around, but if you’re taller than 6ft 6, you may have to stoop down a bit.

With big tents like this one, you can’t expect to get it up instantly. However, the Tahoe is fairly easy to take up and put down, but you do need at least two people involved. When it’s up, you get a rain fly on top and even a small awning to place shoes under. There’s a zip down divider on the inside too which separates the tent into ⅓ and ⅔ spaces, 2 or even 3 rooms.

A 2-3 Season Tent Perfect For Summer Camping

Although this tent is not suitable during winter, which is a shame, rainfall throughout the rest of the year is kept at bay by the included 1200mm coated tarp. This only covers the top but as long as the rain isn’t sideways you’ll be fine.

Surprisingly given the height and the cabin design the Tahoe Gear also holds up well in light winds. It’s very sturdy indeed and when zipped up the tent will also keep bugs at bay making it particularly good in summer.

The bad points? Nothing much but there’s a lack of actual storage pockets on the inside, meaning you have to try harder to keep things tidy. On a similar note, the Tahoe has no hooks to hang anything with which for light in the evening is a little disappointing.


  • Very good value for money compared to other tents in this category
  • Excellent weather-resistant material to keep you dry
  • Plenty of space inside for a full family and supplies
  • Comes with an awning and rain fly
  • Relatively easy to set up and takedown
  • Internal divider for more privacy if you wish
  • Lighter than most 12 person tents


  • No internal storage to keep things tidy
  • No hooks to hang a lantern with
  • Some isolated complaints of broken poles upon unpacking


When you take into account how big the Tahoe Gear Prescott cabin tent is, how well it deals with weather, and the price, then you’ve got yourself a great product. It’s certainly a contender for the best 12 person tent out there.

The downsides are relatively minor but just a little infuriating given the small manufacturing cost it would have been to put these things right. How much would a storage pocket or hooks cost?


3. NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person Camping TentThe best 12 person tent offering space, storage and it’s waterproof

ProductNTK Super Arizona GT
Sleeps12 persons officially
7-8 in comfort with gear
Total Setup Time20 minutes
Shelter MaterialPolyester Taffeta 68D 190T 2500mm PU
PolesFiber glass
Base Size10.2 x 20.6 ft
Rain FlyFull

NTK have been making quality tents since 1975. They have many loyal fans but nevertheless have gone under the radar to bigger brands like Coleman.

A roomy 12 man tent

The Arizona GT offers a huge amount of space that can be split into 2 rooms courtesy of the fabric curtain. Access is also good with 2 hinged D-Type doors, one at the end and the other on the side. This also means you can have separate access to each space if privacy is a consideration.

Setting up the NTK is a job for 2. You can do it on your own but it’s not advisable. After all, if you’re considering such a large tent it’s likely you’ll be camping with a few people.

Relatively painless 20-minute setup

It took 2 of us around 20 minutes to set the tent up. The color-coded poles help in terms of knowing where they fit in the setup. However, the white fiberglass end poles are still a little tricky to get into place.

Using guy lines to maintain the structure is also essential. Finally, you really need 2 people to pull the rainfly over and ensure its properly in place.

Impressions once setup is that this is a huge tent. If you want to use air beds, then this thing will accommodate 7-8 persons in complete comfort with storage.

Lots of handy storage

We like the gear loft storage in the slightly higher central area as well as the various handy utility pockets dotted around. This provides essential storage of valuables for all occupants.

In terms of the quality, the NTK largely excels. The bathtub floor will keep you dry no problem. The silver coating is also a nice touch, reflecting heat in and ground cold away. Still, we used in conjunction with a 10×20’ tarp. This provides an extra waterproof layer but the main reason to incorporate into your setup is to protect the tent floor from being punctured.

No problem in wind and rain

Overnight the tent stood up well to light rain and winds and we have no doubt it could be pushed much further. The fiberglass tent poles produce a frame that is flexible enough to roll with the wind and then pop back into place. NTK also use their own compound and offer a lifetime guarantee on any poles that break in use.

Zippers could be better

Though we like the convenience of the D-Type door the zippers do look a little suspect as do the seams around the door. We didn’t experience any problems but my experience with tents tells me these could be problematic in the future. They’re just a little weedy.

Cheap and nasty tent stakes

Another bugbear is the cheap tent stakes. NTK isn’t the only manufacturer here guilty of this. Given the price bracket, this tent is in we’d expect something a little better. Personally, I would swap out the cheap steel stakes used for the guy lines for some decent MSR Groundhogs, my go-to tent stake.

Finally, 1 quirk of the tent means that you must go outside of the tent to open and close the windows. This is because of the mosquito mesh that wraps around the tent inner. This isn’t a major issue in good weather but a pain if it’s raining.


  • Flexible frame stands up well in the wind
  • Plenty of room for 7-8 with airbeds
  • Supremely waterproof from above and below
  • Lots of storage
  • Handy room divider for privacy
  • D-Type doors provide easy access
  • Reasonable 20mins setup time
  • Lifetime guarantee on the tent poles
  • Color-coded poles to assist with setup


  • Cheap zippers could become an issue
  • Only basic tent stakes supplied
  • Windows can only be opened/closed from outside
  • Cheap and way too small storage bag


This is a good, roomy 3 season tent that will perform well in wind and even heavy rain. The setup is also relatively painless, though you do need 2 people. Skim through the video below to see how 2 guys get on with setup of the tent and the minor issues they overcome.

The positives far out way the negatives which are largely what might happen rather than through any direct experience. Look after and service this tent, and you should have a product that will last for years.


4. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent – 18’ x 10.’ – Good water resistance and storage but some durability issues


The Core 12 Person Instant Tent claims to have a setup time of 2 minutes, sleeps 12 people, and even fit 3 queen air mattresses inside. Along with a spacious camping tent, you also get internal storage slots and a loft overhead to store your camping gear. If all this is true then surely this is the tent to beat in this test?

The Core is As Spacious As The Tahoe Gear

Right off the bat, you can see some great features of the Core 12. Size matters and one customer on Amazon says they managed to get 8 adults in the tent, along with 2 children, 3 cots, and their camping gear. Setting it up and taking it down is supposedly very fast too. The manufacturer claims 2 minutes, no one including us has achieved those times, but given the size, the setup is straight forward once you get your head around the process. Ongoing 2 people would indeed get it set up in a matter of minutes.

Dividers Allow For A Flexible Space

Another great thing is the room dividers inside that allow you to create 3 separate rooms. This is handy if you want to keep a little more privacy when sleeping. Furthermore, there’s a loft above your head and storage pockets around the sides something which the Tahoe Gear lacks. This means you can keep your gear off the floor and maximize the space inside the tent. There’s a little awning and a rainfly too, which helps make the tent even better regarding value.

Potential Durability Issues?

However, things get a little bit sour when you look at the durability of the tent. Unlike the cabin design of the Tahoe Gear, the Core is much less stable and can take a battering from the wind. The poles and zippers just aren’t as rugged and might be prone to long term durability issues. The Core like the others on the test does do a good job at keeping you dry though.

All 5 tents here are for car camping so you aren’t going to be hauling the bag very far. Even so, the weight at around 50.8lbs is a bit of a downside. You’ll need two able-bodied adults to carry it around.


  • Huge floor space with room for 12 people
  • Storage pockets and loft space to keep gear off the ground
  • Dividers to provide privacy and split the tent into three sections
  • An awning to act as a porch for muddy shoes
  • Rainfly to keep the roof dry
  • Water-resistant, making it good during rain showers


  • Not the most durable option on the test
  • A bit too heavy – but to be expected with larger tents
  • Cheaper options out there


In this Core tent review, we have discovered that the product has a lot of potentials. There are plenty of things it does well such as the storage, floor space and ease of setup. The positives certainly outnumber the negatives. However, the main downside is durability, which is essential when buying a tent that’s going to get used by a lot of people at any one time and hopefully for a few years.


5. Ozark Trail 12 Person Base Camp Tent with Light – Great value but poor quality tent poles


Ozark is the budget brand brought to you from Walmart. They’ve made camping gear affordable and accessible to lots of people who otherwise wouldn’t have gone outdoors.

The base camp design of the tent looks great, quite professional. Once set up it creates a huge space, perhaps enough for 4 airbeds if that’s your preferred sleep system.

Occupants, especially taller people, will also appreciate the headroom, lots of windows and the fact that people can sit around and socialize in a circle.

Setting up

Given the design, you’d think it would be easy to set up. However, that’s not the case. It took us, experienced campers, almost 40mins to set up on the first attempt.

Granted it took 20mins on the second attempt but there are components that simply aren’t good enough quality. Specifically, the tent poles.

We do appreciate this is a budget offering, costing less than half as much as the NTK. However, it still needs to function and not put off the very people you’re trying to encourage to get out camping.

The tent poles are thin and flimsy. Furthermore, the fabric loops that you thread them through to attach to the tent is also of poor quality and can tear.

Trick to prevent poles shearing

To avoid poles shearing or breaking on setup the trick is ensuring someone holds the center of the tent up from the inside while each end of the 10 color-coded poles is fixed into position by another person. We’re just not sure that many people will work that out.

Once it’s up the Ozark Base Camp does look the part. Internally we love the gear organizer and pockets dotted around.

The biggest feature internally is the built-in lighting. We’ve started to see this appear on lots of tents from the likes of Coleman and Core.

Lighting works well

We’re happy to report this works well with the Ozark. The 3 settings allow for good adjustment of light levels and will help the batteries last longer. Lastly, this feature means that for first-time campers there’s one less thing to purchase. In this respect, the Ozark offers excellent value.

Built in lighting of the Ozark Trail Base Camp

In good weather conditions, the Ozark will be fine for a large group of friends. The base camp shape stands up well in wind, with no flat sides for gusts to latch on to.

The lack of a separate rainfly means this tent is only good for light rain even if the outer material has been treated. Combine wind, rain and those poor tent poles and this isn’t a tent we’d want protecting us in a storm. Not quite the ‘base camp’ then.


  • Great lighting and one less thing to buy for new campers
  • Looks good once setup
  • Internal space is huge
  • Relatively good in wind given the cheap poles
  • Color-coded poles
  • Good value for money
  • Easy access in and out
  • 8 mesh windows


  • No separate rainfly, wouldn’t trust it in heavy rain
  • Terrible poles that shear or break
  • Complicated setup
  • Stakes could be better and longer


If you’re looking to get a large group outdoors for the first time then the Ozark Base Camp gives you value for money means of doing so. Camp in spring or summer with plenty of hands available to carefully set the tent up and you shouldn’t experience any issues. You could, of course, upgrade those tent poles.

If you want a 12 man tent that will stand the test of time with regular use then this cheap Ozark is not the product for you.


Overall Conclusion: Which is the Best 12 Person Tent here?

It’s clear there is one winner; the NTK Super Arizon 12 Person Camping Tent. This tent offers lots of space as well as a safe and dry camping experience for a family or large group. There are only very small gripes that you should be able to live with.

exceptional value for money with very few negatives. While some people did complain of broken poles, once customer service sent new ones they proved to be strong and durable.

The runner-up is the Tahoe Gear Prescott. It’s got potential, but we feel it’s not quite as polished as the NTK.

Fans of Core should also consider their 12 man tent. It’s only let down by some slight durability issues.

The Eureka isn’t ‘bad’ it’s just way too expensive and can’t offer anything over the competition to justify the higher price. On the other hand, the Ozark Trail Base Camp offers excellent value with built-in lighting. It’s just a shame the tent poles aren’t better quality that would give the tent more longevity.

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