3 Best Cot Tents For Camping Solo Warm Off The Ground Tent Options

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. However, if there’s only one thing we dislike about camping and trekking activities, it’s the prospect of an uncomfortable night’s sleep. That’s why making the right choice of tent is absolutely vital. For many people, especially solo travelers, an off ground tent is the perfect solution.

Anybody with camping experiences can relate to the pain of sleeping on uneven terrains or having stones digging into them. Sleeping in a tent that leaves you suspended slightly above the ground can remove those problems forever. Gaining a more comfortable night’s rest is just the start. It also enables you to wake up free from the aches and pains commonly associated with traditional camping. This in itself can help maximize enjoyment.

Knowing that you want an off ground tent is one thing, a camping hammock with a tarp is one solution as are cot tents which is what we focus on here.However finding the best cot tents for the perfect night’s sleep isn’t straight forward. There are many practical factors to consider ranging from size to assembly time. Then there’s also the price.

The market can feel like a minefield. Here’s the low-down on three of the most popular off ground tents out there.


1. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

The Kamp-Rite oversize tent cot is a versatile all-in-one model designed to suit all camping situations. It can be used as a flat cot, chair or lounge as well as a tent, and can be assembled in a few minutes flat. When in tent mode, it sits a full 11 inches from the ground while it boasts an extra 12 inches of headroom compared to the standard size model. This takes the dimensions to 90” x 32”, making it a good option for the larger framed individual.

A heavy duty 210D tent and rain fly design can withstand even the harshest weather. However, while the flaps are designed for better ventilation, they can present a problem with condensation. This is easily prevented by either keeping them shut or ensuring that they are tied up in the right position. Nevertheless, overlooking this factor can suddenly make a little less comfortable.

Arguably it’s greatest design feature revolves around the positioning of zips and overhead pocket flaps. Aside from the airflow, it creates ample room for position flashlights and other key items.


  • Very spacious, thus suitable for bigger users or those wanting to store other items inside
  • Sturdy against both the wind and rain
  • Versatile design removes the need for chairs or additional items
  • Lives up to the promise of easy installation
  • Moderate retail pricing, especially for a known brand


  • Condensation problems when window screen pocket covers aren’t positioned properly
  • Can get very warm inside
  • Quite bulky, making it difficult to carry on longer treks and journeys


For anyone that suffers from claustrophobia or requires ample space when sleeping, the Kamp-Rite will allow you to camp right. It certainly does the job with regards to protecting you from the elements, not least when it comes to sleeping away from bugs and critters. Then again, it is worth noting that those with back problems may require additional padding for the bed itself. For those happy sleeping on a firm and fairly thin fabric, though, this should not be an issue.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot
List Price: $199.99
Price: $173.39
You Save: $26.60


2. Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent

The portable pop-up tent designed by Outsunny is an affordable, no thrills answer to your casual camping needs. It includes an air mattress, sleeping bag, and even a pillow. Like the Kamp-Rite, it also allows the cot to be separated from the tent. However, at just 76.5” long, it isn’t anywhere near as spacious. While this isn’t an issue for everyone, it can be for some.

As well as a comfortable sleep, the bug net ensures that you won’t encounter unwanted guests. On the other hand, the fact that all elements touch the tent sides can be a little problematic in harsh weather conditions. On another note, a lack of ventilation when the windows are closed can allow it to get very hot.

While the compact design is great as an all-in-one camping product, it’s not the most practical for treks.


  • Very affordable price. Ideal for an infrequent camper. All-in-one, removing the need for extra items. Bug screen is very useful. Fairly wide in spite of short length


  • Takes longer to assemble than suggested
  • Can become wet in harsh conditions due to everything touching the sides
  • Poor ventilation when windows need to be closed
  • Lack of side pockets for essential camping items


Outsunny’s compact off ground tent doesn’t compete with the features of premium products. Considering the price, though, it isn’t meant to. It’s a great little tent for kids sleeping in the garden or for campsite stays when the weather is nice. This is especially true thanks to the included bedding facilities and option to disconnect the cot from the tent. When taking on the harsh elements, however, there are better options out there.


3. iUcar Portable Camping Tent Cot Off Ground Tent with Carry Bag

The brand name might not stand out, but the iUcar portable cot tent offers immense comfort. The tent isn’t as high above the ground as some others, but it still fights off the damp and wind with immense efficiency. The sturdiness removes any movement while the design ensures all bars are outside. The comfortable sleep is encouraged further by the bedding that’s included.

Although it’s not the largest off ground tent on the market, it is fairly spacious inside with the roof being pulled quite high. This creates more than enough room for connecting a flashlight. Meanwhile, the light weight of 2.6kg makes it great for treks too.

As with other models, the bottom cot can be disconnected to create a separate chair or lounger for daily use.


  • Easy assembly (once you know how) lives up to expectation
  • Stays dry even in harsh conditions, and is sturdy against the wind
  • Covers can be positioned to allow air circulation without letting rain in
  • Fits into the carry bag for easy transportation
  • Quality material will last for years


  • A little fiddly on the first time you assemble it
  • Could include better storage space
  • The most expensive of the three


While being more expensive, this tent cot still offers great value for money. Its design is suited to the more regular camper as well as casual ones. More importantly, its sturdy design and comfortable bedding makes it perfect for longer trips and adverse weather. Once you’ve got used to the assembly process, it can be erected and dismounted within five minutes too. For an all round off ground tent, this is a brilliant product.


Final Words – So Which is The Best Of These Cot Tents?

If you’re a casual camper who sticks to fair weather and easy conditions, all three of these cot tents can satisfy your needs. Sleeping above the ground is far more comfortable, and the tents above also provide great air circulation. If it’s going to be a one-off short trip, the Outsunny portable tent is more than adequate.

However, if you’re looking to do a trek or more frequent camping trips, there is only one answer. You don’t always get what you pay for in this world. Nonetheless, those sentiments do ring true here, and the iUcar is the solution that will provide years of camping comfort. It offers a luxurious experience. Meanwhile, the practicality of having everything all in one very lightweight carry bag is a winning option.

In truth, the money you’ll save by not needing additional items will work in your favor too. But even if you remove financial elements, this isn’t just the best solo off ground tent, it’s arguably the best tent period.

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