The 9 Most Beautiful Places to Camp in the USA

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Whether you’re a seasoned camper or someone new to the hobby, everybody wants to visit somewhere nice.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose?

What you need is a little insight.

Today, we’ll be putting nine of America’s most beautiful places to camp under the microscope. With some of the most majestic scenery and easily-accessed outdoor experiences in the world, the US has so much to offer campers of all levels.

Ready to hit the great outdoors?

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The Nine Most Beautiful Places to Camp In The US

There’s nothing better than getting your tent, a sleeping bag, and some good friends and taking some time out in the great outdoors.

Of course, not all campsites are created equal.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful weekend away, you’re going to want to make sure you get a site that looks great and is somewhere equally beautiful.

There are hundreds of sites across the US that hold special places in the hearts of their campers. That said, we’ve put together a list of nine best places to go camping.

It’s our way of saying: “No matter where you are, there’s always an opportunity to get out somewhere beautiful.”

Don’t believe us? Just take a look.

Apgar Campground

Coming in high on numerous lists of top camping grounds is Glacier National Park’s Apgar Campground. With gorgeous scenery and dozens of great hiking trails, this is a fantastic campground located in the heart of Montana.

Activities for campers include horseback riding and boat rentals. Services include a shuttle service, and Red Bus tour, all located in nearby Apgar Village.

Mesquite Springs Campground

This Death Valley campsite is popular for its stunning scenery.

Complimenting this beautiful backdrop is the rugged scenery of the national park it calls home. All of this makes it one of the most breathtaking places to pitch a tent in the entire country.

Described by many as the best place to enjoy the splendor of Death Valley, Mesquite Springs has access to nearby Ubehebe Crater and Scotty’s Castle. It’s also close to the Racetrack Playa access road. Stunning local vistas make for a breathtaking trip out into the wilderness.

And, with thirty campsites, you’ll have plenty of room to bring in groups of nearly any size.

Zion’s Watchman Campground

Zion National Park has some of Utah’s most stunning scenery. How lucky, then, that so much of it is situated at or near the Zion’s Watchman campsite.

It’s a popular site and as such takes reservations from March through November. With large, multi-family sized campgrounds and comfortable sites, it’s clear that this is a fun spot to pitch a tent or set up your RV.

Additionally, there is easy access to nearby rivers and awe-inspiring mountain views. All of this makes Zion’s Watchman a truly special experience for campers of all ages.

Bear Rocks Campground

For campers looking for high altitudes and chilly mornings around a campfire, the stunning Bear Rocks is it.

Accessible via a short hike, this campsite has trails and gorgeous rocky underbrush that make your walk up completely worth it. Amazing sunsets, fire pits, and extensive footpaths all make for incredible photo opportunities or just a great place to take your dog for a walk.

Sparks Lake Campground

This is for the camper with a little less inclination to hike hard to get to their campsite. Easy to reach, and home to some truly spectacular scenery, . is one of America’s most beautiful places to camp.

How beautiful could it be? Experience the vistas of the Cascade Mountains, their nearby lakes, and crystal blue mountain air all right from your camp site.

Not majestic enough? Why not add to that the possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis during your stay?

On top of all that, why not take to the local landscape in a canoe or mountain bike? There are so many opportunities to really take in the natural splendor of this beautiful state. It’s hard to go wrong choosing one over the other.

Blackwoods Campground

Blackwoods campground is part of the truly unique Acadia national park off the coast of Maine. The park is home to some wonderful spectacles of nature, dispersed as it is across multiple islands along the coast.

Rugged coastlines and lush mountain hiking make this a beautiful opportunity to get in touch with the great outdoors. Campsites within ten minutes of the ocean help to make it comfortable and reasonably convenient.

White Tank Campground

Joshua Tree is one of the most widely known national parks in the US. With this in mind, White Tank is a campsite considered to be one of its most underrated camping grounds.

Take in some of the best nature the West Coast has to offer. Centrally located just off from the border of the park, this site has extremely close access to some of the best trails and scenery the park has to offer.

Daicey Pond Campground

Baxter State Park’s Daicey Pond Campground in Maine is another brilliant, cold, East Coast entry on our list.

And it has a lot to offer.

Activities include the standard fare of hiking, swimming, and canoeing. Experience cross-country skiing and other winter-month activities, as well.

Bartlett Cove Campground

Discover outdoor adventuring at Glacier Bay National Park’s Bartlett Cove.

Experience the rugged outdoors with majestic wildlife, gigantic hiking trails, and glacial campgrounds.

Discover The Best Places to Camp

America has so much to offer the avid camper.

From the West to the East Coast, it’s not hard to find some of the most beautiful places to camp in the entire world on your doorstep.

Obviously, though, the best spots for camping is a fairly personal question as well. Are you an avid camper, or someone just starting to discover the outdoors?

What are some of your favorite places to go camping?

Sound off in the comment section below, and let us know where you go to get away from it all.

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