Teton Sports Mesa Canvas 14 Tent Review

Last Updated on September 2, 2022 by Dean Anderson

If you’re looking for a premium canvas tent like the Teton Sports Mesa then you can avoid potential problems by exploring honest reviews. Hopefully, we’ve managed to do that below after putting it through its paces.

Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

ProductTeton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
Sleeps6-8 Persons
Total Setup Time10 minutes
Shelter Material285g/m Cotton Canvas
Base Size 10' x 14'
Rain FlyFull

Firstly the easy-to-set-up design will be a hit with campers who are looking for a fuss-free start to their holiday. The top T1 bar is the secret to this setup, allowing the tent to be erected by just one person. The flexible T1 bar unfolds and locks into place by means of 2 support pins. You can do this without pinching your skin or the tent material.

The intro video below shows this process at just over a minute in, albeit on a smaller version of the same tent. You really can set this tent up in 5-10mins on your own.

On set up those who are camping a little further afield will also appreciate the tough carbon steel stakes. With a decent mallet, these will drive straight through the roughest and driest of terrains.

The Mesa 14 is also perfectly adequate in size for a family, comfortably sleeping 5-6 people side by side. 8 people as the manufacturer suggests might be a bit of a push though.

A great option for hunters and prospectors

If you’re a hunter or prospector sleeping in 1 or 2’s on a longer camp you’ll appreciate the space available for gear storage. The near vertical sides, like those of the White Duck and Springbar, also help you to make the best of the space. For instance, you could easily accommodate a decent kitchen organizer.

Once erected accessing the interior is also made easier thanks to the extra wide D Type door. Making loading and unloading hassle-free. This is a clear improvement over similar single-door models. Only the similar-sized Kodiak opts for a 2 door setup.

Plenty of really useful storage

The built-in handy storage compartments are a great feature, with pockets at the very top of the tent. Finding keys, phones and small personal items is made much easier by way of the four small pockets and two more overhead compartments for further storage.

The oversized design of the awning is also a welcome addition and provides all the extra shade and shelter you need. This feels larger than that of the similar-sized Kodiak tent for example.

E-ports allow cables to pass through with ease

If you’re an off-grid tech-savvy adventurer you’ll also be impressed with the range of e-ports that allow power to run from your solar panels or generator to your lights, fans and heaters. Thankfully these aren’t too fiddly to use either with our own solar generator cable passing through no problem.

Like most canvas tents the waterproof cotton canvas repels water, but still creates a breathable material, which is ideal during both the summer and winter months. This is one of the main benefits over cheaper synthetic alternatives and the Mesa is no different.

Problems with seams?

We’ve heard of some instances where the seams have split on the Mesa but this was not our experience. The double stitching and chunky zippers provide a great finish to the product.

Should you be sat on the fence about purchasing it’s worth knowing that Teton has decent customer service. I’ve had to contact them in the past about a faulty camping cot tent and this was replaced without fuss.

Let’s recap.


  • The breathable and water-resistant canvas material makes this tent suitable for all seasons
  • A relatively inexpensive option compared to similar models on the market
  • The built-in storage compartments are really handy, keeping belongings safe and secure
  • Completely tech-ready with plenty of e-ports
  • Once set up it feels very stable even in the wind
  • A unique T-1 top bar makes pole assembly easy for just one person


  • The tent feels heavier than described online, weighing around 80 pounds in total
  • Some reports online of tearing at the seams but this was not our experience

Conclusion – Do we rate the Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent?

Overall, the Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent is a solid and relatively inexpensive choice for families or groups who need space, varied terrain ability and all weather camping capabilities. There is plenty of storage space complete with quality zips and drawstrings, which will prevent your belongings from being misplaced.

Superb setup process

You’ll also appreciate the setup process especially if you’re on your own. All the main poles and supports are well made and you get the impression this tent will last. Do be sure to double check the seams though when you purchase, that’s good practice when buying any tent.

The tent also weighs 80 pounds which is slightly heavier than some other reviews have it at online. The reality is that canvas tents are generally on the heavier side and lend themselves to being used for longer camps, this is a given.

If you put comfort and protection at the top of your priority list and want a canvas tent that’s sure to last then the Teton Sports Mesa 14 might just be for you.


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