3 Great Kodiak Tents For Camping In 2023

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Shopping for a new camping tent from Kodiak? Kodiak is among the best manufacturers of high-quality canvas camping tents in its arena. Some of the materials used in manufacturing these tents include canvas, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials.

Due to the high demand for these tents, Kodiak offers different types to accommodate occupants from 2 to 12. With lots of choices at your disposal, this article will review some of the best Kodiak tents on the market to help you make an informed decision.


1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent – this tent is a lifelong investment if looked after

Whether you’re headed to the campground with your loved ones or hunting with your friends this Kodiak Canvas Tent designed to sleep 8 is a great choice for you. This camping tent is made of 100% Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas, which is not only lightweight but is also waterproof and the best to use in rainy seasons.

The tent is structured with a Flex-Bow frame, spring steel rods and steel tube poles which hold up the tent during fierce winds. The floor is made of a heavy-duty 16 oz vinyl which is waterproof and also puncture-resistant.

Tall enough for you to stand up

Other features which elevates the Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Tent to the top of the ladder include steep walls and a 6 foot 6 inch ceiling which provides enough room in the interior for the tallest person. Furthermore four large windows provide ample light and also incorporate small air vents to allow air flow while keeping biting insects out.

A weight of 84.6 pounds is relatively light for a large canvas tent especially with dimensions of 50×14.2×11.1 inches make this tent rather spacious.


  • This tent is heavy enough to withstand rough weather conditions. The heavy 16 oz vinyl base, spring steel rods, Flex-Bow frame and steel tube poles do add to the weight but this is a high-quality tent
  • The tent comes with a precise user manual which helps you set-up the tent within 30 minutes at most
  • The interior is roomy enough to accommodate 8 people without any hassle
  • The ridge vents are just great. They are easy to open and close from the inside, offering sufficient airflow in and out of the tent


  • The tent doesn’t come with the actual measurements which have been included in the advertisements. They say the tent has interior measurements of 10×14 feet, yet the real measurements are 13 feet 6 inches × 9 feet 6 inches, marginally smaller
  • The sloping sides this tent eats away some of the usable space
  • While the tent is light for canvas it’s still requires reasonable manpower to carry and set-up


Although the Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Tent is expensive, it’s a lifetime investment when you consider its features, the heavy-duty materials it’s made from and, of course, the lifetime warranty. Due to its heavy weight and puncture-proof base, this Kodiak tent is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, making it a great choice for camping and hunting in the woods.

We also review the smaller 6 person version here.


2. Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Bed Full-size Tent – pitch up almost anywhere

Designed for a pickup truck, the Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Full-size Tent is a great innovation for people who enjoy camping with their pickup trucks. This tent is made from a hydra-shield 100% cotton duck canvas which is durable and lightweight.

Strong steel frame

With ¾ steel tube frames, you can easily set up your tent in the back of your truck, keeping you off the ground in a high and dry area.

The tent features 5 large ventilated windows for light and openness, a power cord that runs from your cub to the tent to power up your electronic accessories, a roomy interior with 5ft ceiling height, and a carry bag that helps you store the tent for convenience.

A great option for your truck

With a weight of 30 pounds and dimensions of 47×9.5×9 inches, the Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Full-size Tent is an all-season tent that can accommodate 2-3 people effortlessly.


  • The tent has a large interior which accommodates a whole 6.5-foot bed comfortably
  • The heavy-duty cotton duck canvas material used in the tent is completely waterproof, keeping you dry throughout a rainy night
  • The large windows have no see-um-mesh. This offers you precise ventilation and temperature control without allowing bugs to enter in the inside
  • The ¾ steel tube frames are strong enough to support the tent even when the truck is being driven


  • The poles are not marked – something which becomes a problem when determining which poles should be installed in which location
  • Although the heavy-duty canvas material doesn’t allow water to pass through, it takes a while for the tent to fully dry. If you break it down for storage when it’s not fully dried, you’ll be setting yourself up for a mildew problem


Although there are some minor cons which come with the Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Full-size Tent, the overall performance of this tent is just outstanding. Most customers have praised the canvas material, stating that it doesn’t allow even a drop of water to pass through when it’s raining. Alongside this is the fact that its an elevated structure in your pickup truck gives you a 99.9% guarantee that you’ll be safe from water and insects.


3. Wenzel Kodiak Tent – 9 Person – the Kodiak brand on the cheap

The Wenzel Kodiak Tent-9 Person is a 2-roomed camping tent which provides a comfortable literal home in the woods with the ability to accommodate up to 9 people. The interior base is a roomy 14×14 feet while the overall tent area is 168 sq feet.

Well ventilated for a synthetic tent

The tent is well-ventilated with two picture windows and a large ‘D’ shaped mesh door. There are two bay windows and a screened roof for visibility and cross breeze. Designed with polyethylene material that offers full coverage against rain. This tent can be used in any environment without experiencing any challenges.

Tall and spacious

The Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent has a center height of 7.17 feet, a weight of 35.8 pounds, and dimensions of 28.9×12×11.5 inches.

It also comes with steel frames and stakes for solid mounting and two hanging pockets to keep your accessories safe.


  • The tent is very easy to set up, even by yourself
  • The polyethylene material used in making this tent is waterproof and lightweight
  • The interior is roomy enough to accommodate 9 people or smaller groups without any complaints


  • Only 1 door can make it difficult to enter and leave when people are sleeping close to the entrance
  • The zipper and the edge lining can allow drops of water to get into the tent


The Wenzel Kodiak Tent-9 Person is a perfect choice for people camping in small groups or a large family looking forward to quenching their spirit of adventure but on a budget.

With a high ceiling of 7.17 feet, internal measurements of 14×14 feet, storage pockets, and waterproof polyethylene material, this tent can be used both in summer and in rough weather conditions without any issues. Being made of a cheaper alternative to canvas makes this Kodiak tent more than half the price of the Flex-Bow Deluxe model.


Kodiak Tents Summary

Kodiak tents have been in the market for quite a long time now. After reviewing some of the best tents in the market, if you can afford it this Kodiak Canvas Tent is the leading product on the list. This is mainly due to the quality of materials and construction used throughout the product. It’s made of 100% Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas. This is not only lightweight for canvas but is also waterproof and great for use in rainy seasons. Its roomy interior enables it to accommodate 8 people with ease without experiencing any challenges.

Good in most environments despite the polyethylene material

Second on the list, we have the Wenzel Kodiak Tent-9 Person. This tent is well-ventilated with two picture windows and a large ‘D’ shaped mesh door. It has a roomy interior that measures 14×14 feet and an overall tent area of 168 sq feet. Designed with polyethylene material that offers full coverage against rain, this tent can be used in any environment. It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget or will only camp occasionally.

Great for truck bed camping

Last but not least we have the Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Full-size Tent. Like the Flex-Bow Deluxe model, it is made of hydra-shield 100% cotton duck canvas which is durable and relatively lightweight. With ¾ steel tube frames, you can easily set up this tent in the back of your pickup truck, keeping you off the ground in a high and dry location.


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