3 Easy To Fit Truck Bed Tents Reviewed

Imagine travelling around in a truck in which you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed. Well, almost! There’s actually an amazing variety of truck bed tents for you to choose from. Wonderfully easy to put up and tear down, these tents will ensure you’re always ready for any adventure, anytime, anywhere.

As well as location flexibility there are further benefits too. Vehicle tents are raised from the ground so you don’t feel the cold quite as much. Also no need for staking out or guy ropes with pickup camping. Some tents for the back of pickup trucks can be erected in minutes and they’re just as easy to stow away.

So what’re you waiting for? Take your pick of these 3 full size truck tent reviews.

1. NAPIER Backroadz Full Size – Easy to setup and great headroom

At 6’5”, this full size truck bed tent has some exceptional and exclusive features to keep you comfortable in your pick-up truck, day or night. The special sewn-in floor keeps you separate from the metal of your cold truck bed. You can easily store this lightweight tent behind the seat in your cab to keep you well prepared whenever you venture out in your pick-up truck. It’s also extremely roomy (the 5.5’ headroom is really huge). This truck bed tent comes with four shock-corded fiberglass poles to make installation a completely effortless affair. Through the handy flap you can also plug into the truck’s power to light up this tent cabin.


  • Built for total protection against rain; includes a full rain fly
  • Door has in-built storm flap for privacy and safety
  • Has good height inside
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Sturdy construction
  • Sufficient storage space


  • Windows remain open as there are no zippered covers
  • The zippers are lacking in quality
  • Ventilation and air flow could be better

So now you can sleep restfully and comfortably in the back of your truck with the strong and sturdy Napier Backroadz in any kind of weather conditions. You can rely on this full size bed tent to keep you protected and safe virtually in any type of truck, with a few exceptions. Ultimately this is a very flexible model and super easy to set up and uninstall. Ideally 2 people would set it up but it can be put up by one person in a crunch situation. It’s like an instant cabin tent but designed to fit a truck.

Have a quick tour around the Napier in the brief video below. You can see the internal floor lining. The Napier Backroadz in this video is installed perfectly in a Ford F-150.


2. Rightline Gear (110730) 6.5′ Full-Size – The quickest tent to setup on test

With this standard truck bed tent in tow, you can now pull off the road whenever you wish to rest or sleep through the night. It’s remarkably easy to set up, with its floorless design precluding the need to remove the gear from the bed. The color-coded poles and pole pockets further facilitate easy installation without tarps, stakes or guy lines to complicate the process. The tent is made of water resistant fabric, with sealed tape seams for additional protection. The sky view vent is great for letting in more light during the day, while providing a great experience of sleeping under the stars at night.


  • Heavy duty straps and nylon buckles to protect the truck from damage
  • Comfortably sleeps two adults
  • Rain fly keeps the tent dry in rainy weather
  • Stuff sack is sewn into the tent
  • Has a hanging hook for lantern, plus handy glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls


  • Slightly short; doesn’t line up on bed rails at the tailgate
  • Passenger side pouch is sewn in backwards, hence difficult to use
  • Stitching quality is poor
  • Doesn’t protect against very high winds
  • Mesh doesn’t seem adequate against no-see-ums

Just 15 minutes is all it takes to set up and break down The Rightline Gear Tent, which is incredibly stable and strong. Wonderfully convenient for any road trip, it’s a great way to camp off the ground, especially if the ground has beenmade soggy by rain. Though it’s quick to set up because of the lack of truck bed lining this makes it a little less comfortable and not as good in wind when the tent can be draughtly. You may want to consider an aftermarket truck bed liner. Overall though it’s well built with clean design lines and will be an asset for any pickup truck owner to have.

See how easy it is to setup the Rightline Gear tent in the video below.


3. Kodiak Canvas Short Truck Bed Full-size Tent – The best on test for bad weather

This hydra-shield constructed short-sized canvas tent has a unique tunnel-shaped design that has the effect of augmenting the ceiling height to increase the interior space. The tailgate down design also works to expand the useable space in the truck. Durable and sturdy the Kodiak is a complete watertight unit. You can even use your appliances in this tent by running a power cord from your cab.


  • Made of breathable, superior marine-grade duck canvas fabric
  • Has ¾ inch steel tube frame to ensure secure fit by connecting to clamp-on rails
  • Well ventilated and airy as a result of five windows, including a cab access window
  • Perfect for use in all seasons
  • Zippers are of excellent quality
  • Gear pockets and carry bag provide ample storage


  • Canvas portion near tailgate is loose
  • Small Velcro straps are not sturdy
  • C-clamps provided with tent not suitable for bedside rail

With the Kodiak Canvas you can stay dry and comfortable even in a downpour if you’re caught in one on the road. With the canvas allowing the water vapor to escape, you’re assured of 100% comfort, with no humidity or mugginess to disturb your sleep. Wonderfully easy to set up and break down, it’s just the thing you want when you’re out driving.

This is however the most expensive of our 3 products on test but it is the one to go for if you camp in areas with a high chance of rainfall. Checkout the video below made by an owner not the marketing folk at Kodiak. It also shows the stages of setting the tent up.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent
List Price: $349.99
Price: $349.99
You Save: N/A


The Best Truck Bed Tent Verdict: Which Should You Buy

It’s not enough to have a great truck bed tent if you’re going to end up expending all your energy in setting it up. You want something that’s an easy fit on your pickup truck, while providing you with all the excellent features of a solid functional tent.

The open windows aside, the Napier Backroadz is perfect for your pickup truck, with total protection virtually guaranteed against rain and storm. You can move around as comfortably in this tent as you can sleep or rest. A unique design created for easy installation is the biggest USP of this product which will make any road trip a comfortable one. This is the best truck tent for a full size pickup bed reviewed here.

If you’re tall and want a cabin with good height, choose the Kodiak Canvas, it’s also the best for camping in the rain. However this comes at a price which makes our second choice in this test. It’s questionable quality that puts the Rightline Gear in third spot but nonetheless these are all worthy of consideration and your budget may have the final say.

Add A Truck Bed Liner For Comfort

Best truck bed liner

Of these 3 vehicle tents only the Napier Backroadz incorporates any kind of floor lining. But even this is more for watertightness than comfort. The fact is that a truck bed on it’s own is pretty uncomfortable. Of course you’ll be adding a sleeping bag and possibly a camp pad or mattress but if you want to create a super comfortable and homely place then you could do a lot worse than invest in a truck bed liner. We’re not talking about the spray on stuff to protect the bed but the thick carpet style material versions.

Bedrug make some of the best truck bed liner options around with a model to fit most pickups. At almost an inch thick as well as being knee friendly they’re also resistent to oil, bleach and even battery acid. Bedrug liners are essentially made of plastic, or polypropylene to be specific, this creates a cushioned non absorbent surface. Well worth considering for day to day use let alone to improve pickup bed camping.

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