The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Backpacking Hammock

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Whether you’ve been camping for a long time or just getting into it, you’re probably familiar with some hacks such as using corn chips for kindling or putting spices into Tic-Tac boxes.

There’s one hack, however, you might not have considered before. It has something to do with leaving your tent poles at home and using a backpacking hammock instead.

Not convinced? Let’s get into the top five reasons why you should consider hammock camping for your next excursion.

1. It’s Good for Your Back

One of the cardinal rules of camping is don’t overpack. Traditionally, that means bring a tent, sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, cook stove, etc. Some tents can be bulky and difficult to set up.

Not with hammocks. If you switch to a hammock, you don’t need your tent supplies. Just bring a tarp with you or a quilt if you’re worried about the elements.

Plus, set up and take down is so easy. You can use the extra time for hiking and other fun camping activities.

2. It’s Versatile

You might think if you use a backpacking hammock, you’ll also be saying goodbye to all the features a tent has to offer. But that’s not true.

The best camping hammocks come with a mosquito net, tarp, and even a gear loft for your things. Also, depending on your budget, you can choose a hammock that’s perfect for different seasons or one you can fit with different accessories. With a hammock, you can go as light as possible or add layers as you see fit.

3. It’s The Best for a Sound Night’s Sleep

If you can’t quite get comfortable sleeping on the ground, you’ll love the feeling of being suspended in the air. A hammock will make you forget all about finding the perfect patch of ground to set your tent up on.

No more branches or roots digging into your back or side. No more worrying about mud or snow or sleeping at a weird angle. If there are trees, you’re set.

And even if you can’t find perfectly spaced trees, a hammock hanging kit will take care of that.

4. It’s More Than a Place to Sleep

With a backpacking hammock, you also get a chair you can sit in or a place to hang around with your buddies. It’s also a good place to read a book or rest after you’ve tired yourself out from a hike or a climb.

You don’t need to use your hammock only when you’re backpacking. At home, set it in your backyard when you’re having a BBQ or use it indoors during the winter. There’s no reason for your hammock to stay in the closet, not when it’s waiting to be used all year long.

5. It’s The Best Way to See Nature

Staying inside an RV or a tent is no way to see the stars or breathe in the smells of the great outdoors.

In a hammock, you get to see, hear, smell, and feel nature the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. You can wake up and marvel at the beautiful sunrise and curl up with an unobstructed view of the stars.

Looking for a Backpacking Hammock?

Now that you know all the benefits of hammock camping, you should be ready to give hammocks a try.

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