The Go-To Guide: 5 Tent Maintenance Tips for Campers

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Do you love to go camping in the summer? Do you go camping every few weeks in the woods throughout the summertime?

If so, your tent may take a beating throughout the camping season. You’ll need to take care of your equipment once your camping trip is over. Check out our top five tent maintenance tips below!

Cleaning is Vital for Tent Maintenance

If you want to keep your tent looking great, start by setting it up and cleaning it with a solution of mild soap and cool water. Rinse the tent with water and let it dry completely before putting it away.

Avoid using the washing machine or dryer because it may damage the seams of your tent. Use a soft cloth to clean the poles and remove dust or debris.

Use some water to clean the zippers as well to keep them from wearing out.

Remove Mildew and Mold with an Enzyme Cleaner

If your tent has discoloration and a negative smell, the fabric may have mildew or mold all over it. These are microorganisms that may be growing across the fabric of your tent.

You can use an enzyme cleaner to remove the mold and mildew from your tent. Be careful not to scrub too much since it may damage the tent material and remove the UV or waterproofing protection.

Remove Tree Sap from the Fabric

There are specific steps you can take to remove tree sap from your tent. Use an ice cube to rub over the tree sap. This will harden the debris and you may be able to peel it off yourself.

You can also place paper bags on the area and run an iron over it. The tree sap should then transfer to the paper.

Seal the Seams of your Tent

To keep the seams of your tent protected, use a sealer like the Kenyon Seam Sealer 3 or the McNett Outdoor SeamGrip.

When sealing the seams, do so in a ventilated location. Lay the tent out flat and make sure the seams are taught when applying the sealer.

Anything that could be exposed to the elements like rain or debris on the ground should be sealed. The roof, on the other hand, will likely not need any sealing. Apply the sealant on the inside and outside of the seams.

Air Dry your Tent after Camping Trips and Cleaning

The more time your tent is spent drying, the stronger and in better shape your tent will be. Set up your tent indoors or in a shady spot outdoors. If there isn’t enough space in your home or in your yard to set up your tent, drape it or hang it up to dry off.

Before you store your tent, make sure that it is completely dry. Otherwise, your tent’s fabrics may grow mildew, so be sure your tent is totally dry. Store your tent in a cool, dry place after it is air dried.

Do you have any questions or perhaps suggestions about tent maintenance especially after a camping trip? Then please feel free to comment below.

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