Top 5 Must-Haves for a Great Homemade Bug Out Bag

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Everyone can agree it’s better to be over prepared rather than under. This is especially true when going out for a weekend camping trip with the family.

If like me and you’ve never been camping, you might not know the staple items to take with you are.

To help you out, here are 5 must-have items for your homemade bug out bag.

What is a Bug Out Bag

A Bug out bag is for the lack of a better description, a survival kit. The bag is intended to sustain you in the event of an emergency or if you have to leave your home.

I actually have a family member who always carries a survival bag around in his car. He jokingly tells us it’s all in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. In reality, however, freak of nature things such as floods do happen.

For this article, however, we’re going to apply the Bug Out Bag to camping.

5 Things To Include in your Bag

A Bag

The first thing you need is a bag. Only chose a bag that is right for you and don’t choose your bag until you have chosen the items to go in it. So, really, it’s not the first thing you get, but it’s the first thing you consider.

Water & Filtration

Water is essential, consider nabbing a metal canteen. Also think about bringing something along to filter out harmful bacteria, such as a LifeStraw. On top of the water make sure to bring food and cooking materials.

The Means To Light A Fire

Matches are essential. Make sure to pack them in a waterproof container so if something in your bag leaks, they won’t be destroyed.


Flashlights and batteries are a good choice to bring. It’s hard to interact with family and friends when you can’t see them. It also makes it hard if you’re trying to rummage through your pack in the dark for clothes or a granola bar.

First Aid Kit

Lastly, accidents are bound to happen. Always be prepared with a medical kit for sudden bumps and bruises. A well-stocked medical kit can help in emergencies until you can get proper medical attention later.

Camping is a great way to reconnect with family and friends after the busy day to day life. However, without essential items such as these, it can turn into a disaster quickly. Be prepared for anything.

Don’t go Unprepared

Bug out bags aren’t just for large emergency situations. While it’s good to just have an emergency plan or bag, it can also be used for something as innocent as camping.

Once you have all your materials gathered chose a bag that is perfect for your camping trip, and will serve you best.

As stated above camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends, but can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t have the right tools for your weekend away.

Happy camping!

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