How to Organize a Family Camping Trip

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Approximately 40 million Americans head to the great outdoors and go camping each year.

You already know what the hype is about- fresh air, scenic views, s’mores, and a much-needed separation from stress and technology.

But with a family, camping can get a little complicated, and it’s way more difficult to keep everyone satisfied.

Don’t be caught off-guard, read below for the best tips and tricks to take your family camping.

Family Camping 101

We know you’re excited to grab the family and head to the woods this summer.

But before you jump in the car, read below to learn the best ways to organize a family camping trip.

The Right Setting

You can camp in your car, an RV, a primitive location, a common campground, or even on private lands, so how do you choose?

If your family is completely new to camping, a regular campground would be a great start.

Some families start with primitive campsites with no water, showers, or amenities, and face quite a shock when not everyone is able to enjoy the experience.

Consider not only your personal preference but what the entire family would enjoy when choosing a camping location.

There are even websites such as Tentrr where you book a private location and they do all the heavy lifting by setting up tents and canopies!

Besides the type of campsite, be sure to pick an amazing location with activities your family would enjoy, whether splashing around in a lake or hiking a national park.

And make the reservation far in advance, especially if you’re planning to camp during the summer.

Planning and Packing Meals

It’s extremely helpful to write down all of your meal plans and what utensils and cooking supplies are required to complete them.

Will you be using a propane stove or a campfire? Be sure to pack plenty of fuel, check for any fire restrictions, and either pack firewood or plan to buy/chop it.

When possible, try to prepare foods at home beforehand, whether that includes a mountain of sandwiches or grating, marinating, or chopping foods in foil containers, ready to be heated. It’ll save you time when everyone is itching to go explore.

But don’t forget to consider water and refrigeration options, and which foods should be eaten the soonest.

Packing Gear and Clothing

If this is your first time camping, try to rent or borrow gear until you decide what gear you absolutely need for the type of family camping you enjoy.

Always be sure to pack more clothing than you might need, due to your clothes likely getting dirty or wet. Plenty of layers, as well as versatile clothing to minimize space and weight, are great options.

Other essentials include hiking gear, sunblock/sunglasses, and bug spray!

Depending on where you’re camping, it would also be worthwhile to plan for rain. No one wants to get caught in a rainstorm unprepared, especially when taking the whole family camping.

But We’re BORED

Although it seems difficult to imagine that the kids will get bored while camping, it does happen.

Arm yourself with a repertoire of activities to prevent boredom and complaining, such as kites, fishing rods, card games, bikes, and books, just to name a few.

Let’s Hit the Road

You’re officially armed with the essentials for hosting a successful family camping trip, so get to it!

If you’d like even more information on camping, gear, and all things tents, visit our blog for more information.

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