Fun Camping Activities: The Kids Edition

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Show me a kid who doesn’t love camping.

The chance to sleep outside in a tent, the possibility of a campfire, the wide starry skies, and the opportunity to run a little wild. What’s not to love?

However, if you’re new to camping you might not be sure where to start when it comes to kids’ camping activities.

Here we look at a few ways that will help ensure that your family camping vacation is a fun and exciting family event.

Walking & Hiking

Make sure that you make the most of being in the middle of the outdoors. Following a wilderness trail can be a lot of fun.

Make it a game – ask the kids to look out for certain trees, find animal tracks, or hunt for unusual stones. This way the kids can get fresh air and exercise and a little education all at once.

Tip: Be safe. Always tell someone where you’re going and what time to expect you back.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

When you’re outdoors and away from neighbors it’s time to cut loose a little and be slightly noisy with your camping activities. Teach the kids fun campfire songs and sing loud!

For the younger ones songs such as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt can be included in a game of hide and seek. The seeker (yourself?) can shout out the song while hunting, which is sure to cause giggles and excitement as you come close to the kids’ hiding spots.

Tip: Point out boundaries if the kids are looking for hiding places. You don’t want anyone wandering too far away and getting themselves lost.

If You’re Happy & You Know It Clap Your Hands

Why not invent a special code to be used during the camping trip? For instance, you can clap hands to ask if anyone wants a drink of water, make an owl noise when it’s bedtime, or howl like a wolf when it’s time for a snack.

A trip away in the outdoors gives you the chance to incorporate fun camping activities into everyday tasks. Be inventive!

Campfire Fun

One of the first things which may spring to mind when you think of camping is the campfire. The warmth and crackle of the fire under the star-filled night sky cannot be beaten.

If campfires are allowed at your campsite make sure you include this camping activity. Be safe – follow the rules, keep the fire contained in the regulated area, and ensure it is completely out before you go to bed.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Despite our best-laid plans, weather can sometimes get in the way of a camping trip. Be prepared for rain or wind.

When you pack for your trip ensure you include a few wet-weather games when you are thinking of camping activities. Board games such as Scrabble can be a lifesaver when it’s raining outside and the kids are all becoming restless. Avoid the dreaded “I’m borrrred.”

More Camping Activities

Fun camping activities are only limited by your imagination. Play ball games, have running races, paddle in a stream, or cook s’mores. Make the most of the family time and most of all, make sure you all enjoy yourselves.

Grab some supplies and start planning your next family camping trip today.

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