Best Tasting Emergency Food To Eat Like A King

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Whether you’re going camping or stocking up for disasters, emergency food is essential.

The world has come a long way from the original flavors of MRE’s. The military’s invention of emergency rations paved the way for ordinary citizens. Now, you can buy and store food that lasts longer than normal groceries.

Keep reading for the tastiest types of survival food you can get in the 21st century.

Why Should I Keep Survival Food?

You might be wondering why having a stockpile of long-lasting foods is essential. But buying emergency foods might come in handy.

Keeping a stash in your car is being prepared for the worst-case scenario. What if you break down on a road trip? Having a supply means you’re never caught off guard.

Having canned food, or emergency food packs could save your life. When you live in a place with frequent natural disasters, having a supply is beneficial. During the last hurricanes, emergency foods were instrumental in keeping people fed.

Officials recommend storing three days worth of emergency foods, or more. Many Preppers aim to have a 1 year food supply. Canned food and non-perishables are ideal. And FEMA even has a supplies list to make it easy for you.

Another tip from experts is to make sure you rotate the food out. Keep it for several months and then replace the stash with more survival food.

How to Prepare Emergency Food

You may have several types of emergency food stocked up. What you’ll need is a small flame cooker and/or a way to heat up water. While some survival packaging offers chemical self-heating, not all do.

You can buy solar warmers that help heat up food and water using energy from the sun. Or, you can pack matches and build your own fire. Packing a small cooking pot and utensils is never a bad idea. These should be essential components of a pre-made bug out bag.

There are small, portable stoves you can buy that are easy to use and store. Make sure you prepare for survival situations. Practice using cooking methods so you aren’t caught off guard later.

Best Canned Food for Survival

Having canned food in your cellar is one of the best ways to stock up on non-perishable items.

Canned Vegetables and Fruit

Vegetables are essential to a person’s diet. So, getting canned vegetables will make sure everyone gets something with nutrients. Fruits might be good for something on the sweeter side.

Though, experts say canned fruits aren’t a necessity the way vegetables would be. Fruits have more sugar and don’t add as much nutritious value.

Canned Meat and Other Protein

The reason canned meats are good for you is that they contain a significant amount of protein. Protein will feed your body with more energy than anything else.

Depending on your taste preference, you could stock up on chicken or beef; both if you can’t decide. You can never have too much non-perishable food in your supply.

Salmon and tuna are also excellent sources of protein. Getting these two, or other canned seafood will ensure you have a good variety when the time comes.

Canned Soups

Canned soup is perfect to add to the survival pantry. Not only do they last a while, but you can also eat them cold or warmed up. Buy soups that have noodles or rice in them as these will provide much-needed carbohydrates.

Ramen noodles also make for a cheap way to stock up and are very easy to use. You can cook Ramen noodle packs in boiled water.

Survival Snacks

For some, having a midday snack is a treat. For others, it’s a way to survive the rest of the day until dinner. In a survival situation, having snacks could be the best way to make sure you don’t go hungry. It can also help you keep up your energy and stamina.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter lasts a long time in the pantry. Stock up on several containers. To make a complete snack, make sure you also pack some crackers. You can also get powdered peanut butter to mix with almost anything.

Dried Fruit and Nuts

Nuts are high in carbs and fat, making them the perfect survival snack.

Buy or make dried fruit in a dehydrator or in the oven. Make your own trail mix by mixing dried fruit with nuts. It’ll keep for a while if you keep it in a closed container.

The Best Types of Emergency Meals

The MRE (meal, ready to eat) is an emergency food item the U.S. Department of Defense gives our military. The idea is to have a long-lasting food source that’s easy to transport.

MRE’s are full of carbs and protein that meet a soldier’s needs. They don’t need heating or refrigeration, making them the perfect portable food.

These ready to eat meals are available for civilian use. You can get a whole kit of emergency food, or you can buy them in individual packs. Here’s a list of the best kinds you can find.

Good to Go

Finding tasty emergency food options isn’t easy. But Good to Go is a brand that offers dehydrated food with good ingredients. The food is from natural sources and doesn’t contain preservatives.

Perfect for the health-conscious survivor.

Backpacker’s Pantry

Want to buy from a trusted brand? Backpacker’s Pantry has been supplying emergency foods since the mid-1950’s.

Freeze dried, and dehydrated food options include Chicken Alfredo and curry. Prep time is minimal, so you’ll find this survival pack option to be easy to use.

Paleo Meals To Go

Want to stick with your paleo diet even in a survival situation? Paleo Meals to Go offers a protein-packed experience.

With a nutritious mix of meat and vegetables in every pack, you’ll have exactly what you need. It doesn’t take long to prepare, either.

More Camping and Survival Tips

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or a survivalist, emergency food is a must. Now, with so many options, you’ll be eating like a king no matter where you are.

For more information about how to prep your stockpile, browse the prepping category.

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