Best 8 Person Tent For A Family Camping Trip: 8 Person Tent Reviews

Smaller tents might be ideal for wild camping and long treks but sometimes you need something bigger. If your camping trip is a family getaway or a chance to spend quality time with a group of friends, sharing a tent gives you more quality time together.

Families especially can benefit from a larger tent, keeping the adults and kids together – and maybe the dog, too. Of course, a tent designed for 8 or more people doesn’t have to sleep that many, either. The extra space is ideal for storing gear or even setting up furniture, heaters, and other camping conveniences.

An eight person tent is the most popular sized tent on the market and as such the competition for your dollar is fierce. Have a look at the 5 tents available below to decide which is the best 8 person tent for you.

1. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent – A Coleman 8 man tent designed for adventure but with some minor flaws

Key Product Info

ProductColeman Montana 8 Person Tent
Shelter MaterialPolyester
Weight24.5 lbs
Base Size 16' x 7'

When you’re settling in for a long camping trip, you want to make sure you’re going to be comfortable. The cabin design of the Coleman Montana is ideal for using with camping cots and airbeds for a comfy camping trip with family or friends. You can fit 2 queen size airbeds but there won’t be room for much else.

Measuring 16′ x 7′, with a 6’2 center height, the tent provides plenty of room for both sleeping and storage. You can get up to 5 people into the tent, even with gear, and stretch to 8 if only using the tent to sleep everyone side by side.

Color Coded Poles Aid Setup But Can Prove A Little Flimsy

Color-coded poles make setup easier, but at least 2 people are required to do this. Setup will take about 15mins, not bad for a tent of this size. Just take care with the poles as they are a little flimsy, perhaps a result of the manufacturer trying to keep the weight down.

At around 25lbs when packed up the Montana is fine for carrying to and from the car. This makes it one of the lightest on test.

Only Minimal Ventilation When The Rainfly Is On

Most people will find this tent to be a good purchase. Only those camping in warmer climates might struggle with the minimal ventilation that the Coleman Montana offers. In that situation as long as it’s dry then you should take off the rainfly which will improve airflow considerably. A window on the back wall would have been ideal, obviously more windows and doors add to manufacturing costs and thus the bottom line.

One further gripe is that the instructions could be clearer for those with less experience. Still those color coded poles do help.


  • Angled windows help to keep out the rain and stand up to wind
  • Vertical walls provide more center height and standing space so no stooping required
  • Provides space for up to 5 people, even with gear
  • Packs up to 27″ x 8″ x 8″, with separate bag for poles
  • Door offers a porch/vestibule area for relaxing or storage
  • Color coded pole setup
  • Official National Park Foundation Tent
  • Available in black, blue and green
  • Reasonable 15 min setup time


  • Requires at least two people to set up – instructions are not entirely clear
  • Inadequate ventilation can mean the tent gets hot but fine in cooler climates
  • Rainfly may not always hold up but sure to stake it down properly
  • Some reports of construction quality issues with poles but not in our experience
  • No room dividers which could be handy for occasional privacy

Product Verdict

The Coleman Montana is a great family-sized tent, well-suited to the average family size of 4 or 5. It could also work well for scout groups or other groups of people camping together. With plenty of space inside, as well as an awning, there’s room to sleep a group of people and store gear too.

The cabin design gives it more space and helps to keep out the rain, but the rainfly doesn’t always offer the protection it should. With the rainfly on the tent can also suffer from ventilation issues in warmer weather.

We’ve read that a few other reviewers have also reported issues with construction, such as misaligned stitching or snapping poles. They are indeed a little flimsy but they’re also light. Just be careful when taking the tent down and they should last.

Still the Coleman 8 person Montana tent is the official tent of the National Park Foundation, it does plenty to a good standard and has the backing of a big company. It’s still likely to get many fans, particularly in cooler or temperate climates.


2. Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent – Includes a handy multiuse screened porch area

Key Product Info

ProductWenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
Shelter MaterialPolyester
Weight27.3 lbs
Base Size 16' x 11'

When you have a larger tent, you often don’t want to have everyone and everything in one place. The Wenzel Klondike offers you the option of having two separate spaces so you can make everything more organized. You can use the screen room area to store your stuff, keep your dog, or even sleep up to an extra 3 people.

The Sun Room Can Make The Rest Of The Tent Hot

While it makes a good sun room the rest of the tent can also heat up a little too much during the day. This probably won’t effect most people whom will be enjoying the great outdoors during the day. Plus with the many windows to open ventilation is pretty good unlike the Montana.

The setup process with the Wenzel Klondike is as fast as with the Montana at an average of about 15mins. You’ll probably get that time down with a bit of practice. Just on the tent construction the poles on the Wenzel while not color coded but are a little more robust than those of the Coleman.

Cabin Style Not Ideal For Windy Conditions

Many have said that the Wenzel doesn’t stand up well to high winds due to the tall high sides. It certainly feels like a sound structure but we would recommend replacing the cheap and cheerful yellow tent pegs. The cabin style is probably not the best design for windy conditions.

Overall the Wenzel Klondike represents good value but there are a few issues to contend with, lets recap on those.


  • Roomy 16′ x 11′ tent with extra space in the spacious screen room
  • Easy setup could be done by one person
  • Screen room provides separate space for gear, away from beds
  • Waterproofing, including bathtub floor, will withstand short storms
  • Great value for a large tent


  • Can get hot during the day
  • Not designed to handle wind
  • Cheap tent stakes will need replacing at some point
  • Large size can make it hard to find a spot to set up on in cramped campgrounds
  • Door on only one side of the tent makes entering and exiting more difficult
  • No electrical port

Product Verdict

This Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent with screened porch can work well for a family trip, giving two separate areas to make use of. However, although there are two sections, there is only one entrance, making some climbing over people or gear inevitable.

Overall the tent could work well for parents with kids or with pets but is also an option for couples or groups on their own who want plenty of storage space. The screened porch might just seal the deal for some buyers.

Wenzel Klondike Tent - 8 Person
List Price: $182.99
Price: $182.99
You Save: N/A


3. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent – A dome style tent with good ventilation

Key Product Info

ProductColeman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent
Shelter MaterialPolyester
Weight22.4 lbs
Base Size 17' x 10'

If you’re looking for a tent that’s even easier to separate into different sections, the Coleman Red Canyon has room dividers that enable you to create 3 different rooms. This is ideal for family camping, giving you separate spaces for adults, kids, and gear, or perhaps a space for the dog. Fitting a family of up to 6 with gear, this roomy tent works well for medium-sized groups.

Sturdy Dome Tent Construction But Some Sub Standard Material Construction

The dome construction allows the tent to stand up well in windy conditions, one advantage over the Wenzel Klondike. It’s not bad in the rain either so long as you remember to seal the seams out of the box.

The Red Canyon can be set up quickly with two or three people working on it and as with the others will get easier over time. You’ll have to be careful pitching though as some aspects of the material construction are a little sub standard. For example the loops that the stakes go through don’t look well stitched and we’d expect them to rip if the tent is pitched too taut.

The zippers on the main door and the windows are also hit and miss, skipping teeth on occasion. Still they didn’t break.


  • Room dividers allow you to create 3 separate rooms
  • Space to fit up to 6 comfortably with gear
  • Plenty of ventilation for warmer weather and better than the Montana
  • Easy setup in 15 minutes or less
  • Good in windy conditions
  • Weathertec System decent in rain but seams need extra sealing


  • Some potential issues with quality of materials
  • The zipper doors can jump teeth
  • Side windows can’t be closed
  • Slow to take down

Product Verdict

This roomy tent from Coleman benefits from room dividers and excellent ventilation. However, an inability to close the side windows means the rainfly needs to be on at all times for privacy if there are other campers around.

Some reviewers have also complained of poor quality, including broken poles or ripped fabric seams. These do seem to be isolated events as our test product was perfect but worth bearing in mind.

Overall while some light rain won’t cause any issues, thanks to the Weathertec System, the tent isn’t designed for heavy storms. It’s a great family tent with plenty of space but better suited to shorter occasional trips in spring or summer.


4. Arctic Monsoon 8-Person Starry i1 Tent – Sturdy and well made a good buy for most

Key Product Info

ProductArctic Monsoon 8-Person Starry i1 Tent
Shelter MaterialPolyester
Weight29.1 lbs
Base Size 156" x 108"

As the brand name might suggest, Arctic Monsoon’s Starry i1 tent is excellent for using in wetter weather. While some other 8-person tents don’t stand up to more than a light shower, this tent has great waterproofing and strong construction to stand up to wind. The rainfly even provides a porch section for dry storage space.

It can be set up very quickly and easily – even in under a minute with practice. Although the Artic Monsoon is slightly more expensive than other tents of a similar size it just might prove that it’s worth paying the extra for better quality.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Secure bathtub floor prevents water from getting in
  • Divider wall lets you separate the space
  • Tough construction


  • Heavy weight of nearly 30lbs
  • Some leakage in heavier rains
  • Front porch doesn’t protect whole door

Product Verdict

There are a couple of issues with the Starry i1 8 people tent that might put off some seasoned campers, but overall it’s a sturdy tent. If battling against particularly heavy rain, there can be some problems with leakage, but it’s a tough tent that largely keeps water out and overall you’re likely to enjoy your trip.

The wall divider also allows the roomy space to be split into two, providing enough room for 4 sleeping bags in each section or fewer people with gear. However, this tent doesn’t pack down too small and is nearing on a hefty 30lbs. Car campers are unlikely to be phased by this though and for most the Artic Monsoon will be a great buy.


5. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9-Person Tent – The best 8 person tent on test

Key Product Info

ProductNTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Tent
Shelter MaterialPolyester
Weight18.74 lbs
Base Size 10' x 11.8'

Some people need an even roomier tent than others. If you’re taking a particularly large group camping, you want more space for gear, or you like to create a nice living space in your tent, the NTK Laredo GT could work for you. With more than 6 feet of headroom and measuring 10′ x 15′, this tent can sleep up to 8 or even 9 people, depending on configuration. Of course we’re talking about side by side sleeping in that respect. If you plan on taking air mattresses or camping cots then this tent will sleep 5 in comfort with room for gear.

The Most Waterproof Tent On Test

Of all the products on test here the NTK tent is the most waterproof and still doesn’t suffer from the ventilation issues that the Coleman Montana and Wenzel Klondike do, even with the full rainfly on. The floor is of a heavy duty bathtub style tarp material which means it doesn’t rip or tear easy and water can’t get through so you shouldn’t wake up in a puddle!

As with the Montana an extra window on the back would have made this tent perfect. Improving ventilation and light further. Still it scores better than any of the others on test in this respect.

Only Minor Gripes With The NTK Laredo

It’s not perfect though but the gripes are very minor. We would have liked to have seen better instructions for tying the guy lines, unless you’re a seasoned camper you might struggle.

The NTK Laredo also opts for sleeves to push the tent poles through when setting the tent up. These are fine in the main, after the initial struggle, but you do feel like the material could rip when you push the poles through. Perhaps the quick attach plastic clips might have been a better design option.

Overall although the materials feel good quality just some of the detailing could be better. Better zips, longer pegs that fit into the pole ends and as we’ve mentioned an additional window at the back. Still all these would probably push up the very reasonable price.


  • Extensive rainfly covers the whole tent and has a waterproof coating
  • Plenty of space – can fit more than 8 people and is also 6.2′ high
  • Weighs less than 24lbs – lighter than some smaller tents
  • Good ventilation
  • Utility pockets inside for gear storage


  • Room for improvement on peg and zip quality but these can be potentially upgraded
  • Only one door at the front of the tent
  • Poles need to be pushed through sleeves rather than fastening to plastic tent clips

Product Verdict

The NTK Laredo GT is a wise choice for larger groups, with a lot of space to work with for a lower price than some of the other choices here. Despite it’s larger size, it still weighs under 24lbs, making it easier to transport than say the Artic Monsoon.

Compared to the other tents on test the dome design also provides better protection from wind and rain. There are a couple of niggles that could be better, such as the two separate zips on the door and the lack of a second door. However, overall, it’s a well-constructed and sturdy tent, this is the best 8 person tent of this group test, the NTK tent reviews very well indeed.


Conclusion – The Best 8 Person Tent

These five 8 person tent reviews conclude that if you’re looking for a great value 8-person tent that will serve you well, the NTK Laredo is the ideal choice. It offers plenty of space, plus good protection from wind and rain. Although it could benefit from an awning or porch for separate storage, it does have utility pockets inside. Overall despite a few niggles it offers the best value for money of all these tents.

The Arctic Monsoon Starry i1 tent comes a close second, with good construction and room dividers. However the slightly higher price at the time reviewed and heavier weight for transporting means it loses out on the top spot.

The others on test will still find buyers, particularly if you’re a fan of the Coleman brand. The Montana is a decent tent but the NTK and Arctic just offer better ventilation and can therefore be used in comfort in more campgrounds across the country.

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