3 of the Best Kelty Tents For 2022

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The Kelty Company is a widely-recognized manufacturer of camping accessories such as sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks. Based in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States, the company has managed to offer high-quality products in and out of the United States. This company has further managed to produce lightweight and durable backpacking tents, roomy and easy-to-assemble family camping tents, and a variety of sun shelters that can be used on the beach, a base camp, or the backyard.

To ensure that you get one of the best Kelty tents for personal or family use in 2020, this article will tackle some of the best tents in the market which are not only cheap but also come with enough high-end features to take your camping experience to a whole new level.

1. Kelty Acadia 4-Person Tent – a lightweight and roomy 4 person tent

The Acadia 4-Person Tent is a large and roomy family tent that has wide doors and a lot of interior space to accommodate your bags and other indoor accessories. With a minimum weight of 10 pounds and dimensions of 98(L)×87(W)×59(H), this tent is convenient and comfortable and is a major rival to any tent you’ll find in a campground.

Among the selling features which are available with the Acadia 4-Person Tent is a 3-pole design for easy setup, polyester mesh, mesh wall panels for easy visibility and credible ventilation, and the ability to accommodate 3-4 people effortlessly. This tent is very easy and fast to set up even by a single person. The poles, clips, and vestibules are all designed to work well, giving you the desired results.


  • The dual doorways are large enough to fit people of different sizes
  • The interior is roomy enough to accommodate 3-4 people, making the tent ideal for family use
  • The Acadia 4-Person Tent is very easy to set up and break down
  • Most customers have really praised the design and the cost of this tent, stating that it’s very reliable and available at an affordable price


  • Although the Acadia 4-Person Tent has numerous air vents for superior airflow; the problem is that it becomes a hassle when using it during cold nights. You actually feel like you’re sleeping in the open air
  • Some customers have complained about the aluminum poles, stating that they’re made of poor-quality material which breaks easily


The Acadia 4-Person Tent has been the leading tent in most people’s comments due to its affordable price and credible features. The superior airflow vents and waterproof tent floor have been the major selling points of this tent. With a 4.3 star rating from 53 verified customers, camping enthusiasts should opt for this unit to suit their family needs. Also, see these family tent options.

Kelty Acadia 4-Person Tent
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2. Kelty Salida 2 Tent – an award-winning backpacking tent

Designed to offer outstanding comfort for a period of three seasons, the Salida 2-Tent is a great all round ultra-light backpacking tent which is the 2011 Editor’s Choice award winner. This tent has a spacious interior, a lightweight of 3 pounds, and dimensions of 55×43×88 inches.

With the ability to accommodate 2 people, this tent comes with high-end features which include a 2-pole design for easy setup, one large-sized door, and one vestibule, and an average of 10 sq feet of vestibule space to increase stability. The Salida 2-Tent is very easy to assemble and break out and has sleek dimensions which make it very easy to store when traveling.


  • The tent comes with a cube-shaped bag which gives you a variety of easy options when packing
  • The Salida 2-Tent has a sleek weight of 4 pounds, making the entire unit very easy to carry and transport
  • The standing poles are made of light aluminum, making the entire tent very easy to assemble
  • The standing poles are shorter, adding to rigidity and the tent’s stability during windy seasons
  • The fabric is waterproof and the best to use during rainy seasons


  • The unit doesn’t come with any gear lofts. Buyers will therefore have to spend extra money purchasing them
  • The standing poles are a little bit shorter than the normal size, making it uncomfortable for tall users


Overall, the Salida 2-Tent can be compared to none other when it comes to rigidity and stability. Most customers have praised its compact size, sleek design, and lightweight features, stating that it’s very easy to assemble, break down and carry even single-handedly. The price of this tent is another selling point since it’s affordable at a very cheap price, making it a major competitor in the arena.


3. Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent – a fine all-weather tent

The Grand Mesa 2-Tent is another feature-rich backpacking tent that is available on the market at an affordable price. This tent is able to offer maximum comfort and service for three seasons without experiencing any leakages or discomforts.

This tent has a large door, one vestibule, and two poles, making it ideal for two people. It features a free-standing design that makes it easy to move around a campsite, aluminum standing poles that increase stability and rigidity, color-coded clips that eliminate the hassles of feeding the poles into the wrong sleeves, and solid construction that enables the tent to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Grand Mesa 2-Tent also has a weight of 4 pounds and dimensions of 57×43×85 inches.


  • The Grand Mesa 2-Tent has sleek dimensions and is lightweight, which makes it easy to fold and pack
  • The tent has been designed with waterproof fabrics which make it the best during rainy seasons
  • The aluminum poles are firm enough to offer maximum rigidity and stability during windy seasons


  • Although the tent is designed for two users, it becomes a problem when being used by large people
  • Some customers have complained about the zipper, stating that it allows some water to get inside the tent


The overall performance of the Grand Mesa 2-Tent is outstanding. There are lots of features that users are expected to enjoy, as well as a pocket-friendly price which makes it affordable to most users. This tent has been welcomed in the market with a 4.7-star rating from 34 verified customers, making it one of the best backyard, beach, and camping tents on the market.


Kelty Tents Summary

After reviewing three of the best Kelty tents, the Acadia 4-Person Tent is the best in the category. This tent is large enough to accommodate 4 people comfortably. It’s easy to set up and comes with two large doors and windows which allow fresh air to get through while keeping bugs from entering the tent.

Second in this category, we have the Salida 2-Tent which is lightweight and capable of holding 2 people. The tent has a spacious interior, one large door, and is made from a polyester material that is waterproof and light. This tent is available in lots of stores at an affordable price.

Last in the list, we have the Grand Mesa 2-Tent which is another feature-rich backpacking tent available at a very cheap price. This tent has a large door, one vestibule, and two poles, making it ideal for two people. It has a solid construction that enables the tent to withstand harsh weather conditions and a waterproof polyester material that doesn’t allow rainwater to pass through. Still, our pick of the bunch suitable for most people is the Acadia 4-Person Tent.

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